Workshop 2012:
Quantum Walks, Quantum Simulators, and Quantum Networks

In recent years, distributed systems of neutral atoms have proved highly successful to explore and investigate novel quantum phenomena. Two different guiding principles – the so-called bottom-up and top-down approaches, respectively – have been inspiring the race for higher and higher control over quantum systems. Both ideas yielded significant steps forward in this field. To quote only a few of the achievements obtained within the FOR635 research group: quantum walks of single atoms, quantum memories and quantum networks with single atoms in optical cavities, and strong artificial gauge fields in 2D lattice potentials. This success demonstrated so far has raised significant interest and expectations that these systems could be used as quantum simulators to gain insight into complex quantum phenomena. This workshop intends to bring together leading scientists from both the theoretical and experimental side to promote and discuss most recent ideas on these topics.

The workshop will take place at the GSI conference center in Bonn on July 30-31, 2012. The deadline for application is July 1st, 2012.

We are glad to offer guided tours through our laboratories to interested particpants. Lab visits in small groups are possible after request either on July 29th in the afternoon, or August 1st in the morning.